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Q&A: The Inner Meaning of America

Q: What can we learn about America from the numerical value of its name?

A: There is little inner meaning to the English alphabet. Although every tiny detail in creation does have Godly significance, human intellect is limited. Thus, we must work on a scale of priorities, in which the inner dimension takes precedence and must be thoroughly studied before the outer dimension.

Nonetheless, there have been righteous sages who did relate to the numerical value of words in languages other than Hebrew by transliterating them into Hebrew. According to this method, the word "America" equals 356, which equals "farhesia," Hebrew for "public," meaning the rule of the public or seat of public opinion. 356, "farhesia" also equals in Hebrew  "or kli guf"  (light, vessel, body). This refers to the light that enters a vessel, which together enters the body. This means that America is conducive to the physical realization of spiritual potential (light).

Image: Wiki Creative Commons Lokal_Profil

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