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Q&A: Love to Sleep Late

Q: As much as I try to get up early, I can’t seem to shake the habit of sleeping late. How can I overcome this trait?

A: The main thing is to strengthen yourself with joy and thanksgiving to God for every success, even the most slight, that you have in overcoming this urge. As a rule, a person must remove his thoughts from his "falls". We can serve God at every moment, and it is a shame to waste the moment (even when you get up late)!

Some people succeed in overcoming the urge to sleep late ( or any other problem of this nature) by going to the opposite extreme, as the Rambam prescribes. Often a person who habitually sleeps late feels that he cannot overcome this need. By beginning to get up very early he discovers that the need to sleep late does not control him, but on the contrary, he can easily and happily control the number of hours that he sleeps. This method can change your entire perspective on sleeping, and give you much greater control over other negative habits, as well.

Of course, if you begin to get up very early, it is essential that you do something during those early hours that is important and fulfilling for you. (Praying early, learning something that you did not find time for during your regular schedule, etc.)

Strive to serve God with joy in your heart, and He will surely have mercy on you and help you to overcome this problem.
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