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Q&A: Birthday on Tenth of Tevet

Q: My birthday is on the 10th of Tevet, which is a day of mourning for the Temple. I would love to know how I can happily connect to my birthday and sweeten this day.

A: The 10th of Tevet is the 10th day of the 10th month. "And the tenth will be holy to God." On the tenth day of the tenth month the light of the "Holy of Holies" shines. This is the rectification of this day. A person born on the tenth of Tevet can apprehend the secret of the Holy of Holies and rectify the first reason for the destruction of the Holy Temple. (As we know, all goes according to the beginning.)

In addition, the numerical value of yud (10) Tevet is 421, which is an Inspirational number (15 squared plus 14 squared). This equals "And Noach found favor in the eyes of G-d."




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