To Feel Far is to Be Near

Moses received the Torah on Sinai, the lowest of mountains. To receive the Torah you have to be a mountain of good will and humble together.

Arrogance is no more than foolishness. The dumber you are the greater you believe yourself to be. Intelligence knows its limits, is humble.

Only God is omniscient (knows all), omnipotent (all-powerful), and omnipresent (everywhere). But souls reflect an infinitesimal bit of Him.

We possess the ability and freedom to learn what we want, to do what we want, and to be where we want – "nothing stands in the way of will."

"Shalom shalom to the far and to the near" – "to the far that have become near." "God appears to me from afar." To feel far is to be near.

"I call You from the depths" – from the depths of my mortal human heart below and from the depths of my eternal soul-root above. Come to me.

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