Why Ten? Introduction to Interinclusion

There are 10 sefirot, Divine emanations or channels of creation, Why 10? Because 10 is the sum of 1 2 3 4, and 4 is 2 times 2.

In Kabbalah a square number – in geometry, a square – portrays the principle of inter-inclusion, the whole reflected in each of its parts.

A cube and higher dimensional 'squares' are higher states of interinclusion. Every dimension adds a new perspective, a new revelation of one.

The sum of squares, from 1 squared to n squared produces a pyramid. The Zohar says that for n = 10 the sum is 385, the value of Shechinah.

The sum of the first 10 numbers is 55, the value of "bride." 385 (the first 10 squares) is 7 times 55, alluding to 7 blessings of the bride.

Only for n = 10 is the pyramid of n (the sum of the squares of 1 to n) equal to 7 times the triangle of n (the sum of the numbers 1 to n).

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