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What to do when Troubles Abound

Q: I was born into a well-to-do family. Over the last ten years, our family has been experiencing great troubles in every area of life. My father has lost all his assets and is in deep debt. My parents have serious health issues and the family is also suffering from interpersonal troubles. We feel like we have been cursed. What can we do?

A: In order to improve the material situation in the family, you must put an emphasis on improving the spiritual dimension of life. One must always take advantage of time for doing good. If you do not have work today, then you have time to learn Torah and search for ways to do good for others. The beginning of the rectification is in the mind, as the saying of the Tzemach Tzedek, "Think positively and all will be positive." In every situation, one must maintain a joyous disposition – over the fact that I am a Jew and connected to the Master of the Universe – with faith and confidence in God. All problems are trials, and if we negotiate them successfully, then the reward will come in the measure of the sorrow that we experienced (l'fum tza'arah agrah) with visible and revealed good in the very near future. Every descent is for the purpose of an ascent. May we hear good news from you soon!

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