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The Joy Of Breathing (English) Paperback

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The Book of Psalms concludes with the verse, “Let every soul praise God. Hallelujah.” In Hebrew, the word “soul” is cognate to “breath.” The sages interpret the verse to mean, “With every breath, praise God.” One should have in mind to give thanks and praise to God with every breath he takes.




In his teachings, Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh shlit”a offers insights into the spiritual origin of disease and healing and the knowledge necessary to reach optimal spiritual, mental and emotional health. These in turn, positively affect our physical state.

In this compilation, we have collected some of Rabbi Ginsburgh’s perceptions on the immune system and the respiratory system together with a meditative breathing technique that infuses joy into our lives and connects us to the unity of the Creator.

Breathing with joy, one of the general themes of this booklet, will help us to connect to our Creator and bask in His light, enjoying good health and happiness.


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