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Guided Jewish Meditations with Harav Ginsburgh


Harav Yitzchak Ginsburgh’s very popular guided meditations series on love, breathing, Divine space, motion, prayer, God’s Name, and the Shabbat



Downloadable MP3 links will be available upon purchase. Limit 5 downloads. Download link expires in 30 days. 

Approximate Length 35 min.
File Size 16MB
File Format MP3 (48kbps)

This is a collection of Harav Ginsburgh’s very popular series of guided Jewish meditations on:

  • Love
  • Breath
  • Divine space
  • Motion
  • Prayer
  • God’s Name (Havayah)
  • Shabbat

These meditations are listened to over 10,000 times every month on our website and are now being offered for download so you can listen to them on your ipod or mp3 player.

Download file is a zip file. You should have an unzipper to extract the 7 mp3 files contained within. If you do not have an unzipper you can get one, here.


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