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Finding and Keeping Your Soulmate


Harav Yitzchak Ginsburgh on How to Find and Keep Your Soulmate (74 minutes)



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Approximate Length 74 minutes
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Harav Ginsburgh Lectures on the topic of creating and sustaining relationships

Topics include:

– The difference between finding and retaining
– How we learn about the deepest pulse of life from Ezekiel’s vision of the Divine chariot
– Finding requires a super-rational state
– Why there can be no algorithm for finding our soulmate
– How finding depends on longing
– Understanding the role of satisfaction in keeping your soulmate
– The power of marriage vows
– How searching for a soulmate should affect one’s present state in life
– Overcoming tensions at home
– Kabbalah and Chassidut correspond to finding and keeping

(Note: nachas, in this context, means the enjoyment one receives from one’s family)


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