Waving the Flag of Torah

Consummate service of God unites meditation (919), prayer (515), and action (415). They complement one another. Together, 1849 = 43^2.

Meditation connects mind to heart. Prayer connects heart to mouth. Action connects mouth (in the Torah speaking is action) to hands.

There is something special about hands. When lifted, they ascend above the head and when lowered they descend below the feet.

However important are meditation and prayer, the sages say that "Action is the most essential." Why? The greatest joy is in doing a mitzvah.

God created our inner world for the sake of rectifying our outer world. Maimonides teaches that the greatest of all joys is giving charity.

In giving charity everyone is happy, the giver, the receiver, and He who commanded us to give charity.

When our hand reaches out and opens to give it exceeds the power of our mind to comprehend and our feet to pursue a goal.

Our 10 fingers divide into 5 and 5, as do our 10 toes. 4 times 5^2 (each of the 5 reflecting all of the 5, inter-inclusion) = 100 = 10^2.

In Hebrew, each of the 5 fingers has a unique name. The sum of the 5 names = 1118 = "Hear O Israel, Havayah is our God, Havayah is one."

In small numbering (where every letter reduces to a number from 1 to 9), hand = 5 and foot = 8. Hand-hand foot-foot = 26, the Name Havayah.

Right-hand left-hand right-foot left-foot = 1456. The average value of the 4 is 364 = 14, hand, times 26, Havayah – "the hand of God."

The initial letters of "hand" "foot" = 15 (God's Name Yud-Hei) times 14, hand. The remaining letters spell "flag." Our flag is the Torah.

Flags are like tails, they wave back and forth. The dot-product of the 2 3-letter words "flag" and "tail" = 238 = hand, 14, times good, 17.

238 = Rachel. Her loving husband, Jacob = 182 = hand, 14, times love, 13. "Hand" is their highest common denominator. Hand, 14 = David.

Always keep your flag, the Torah, in hand. Wave it back and forth with Jewish pride. Though I am lowly, all together with Torah we're great.

By saying that we're great I mean to say that the Jewish People has been endowed with the greatest gift ever given to humanity, the Torah.

If we integrate the Torah into our beings and connect to one another with love, then we as a people are great. We have the potential.

The Torah calls Abraham great because he had a great heart, he expressed great love and kindness to all. He called himself "dust and ashes."

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