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Natural Consciousness (Audio Lecture)

Natural Consciousness is not just living naturally, but the path to fulfilling our life responsibilities with a simultaneous and constant awareness of Heaven. In this audio lecture, Rabbi Ginsburgh guides us through the secret of Jacob's encounter with the archangel of Esau, and shows us how to apply this secret to achieve Natural Consciousness.

Topics covered in this lecture include: Why did Jacob have to wrestle with Esau's angel?; What is the connection between dust and wrestling?; How can we cling to God during our mundane activities?; What is the mystical significance of a vacuum cleaner?; How can we elevate evil to the throne of God?; What is the importance of being light in our service of God?; Why is it important to have difficulties in life?; What is anger, and what does it reflect?; What are the exact steps to rectifying anger?; How can we deal with our distance from God?; What is the inner meaning of Chassidic melodies?; What is the proper approach to worldly responsibilities?; How "at home" should we feel on earth?

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Four Dimensions of Faith: The Key to Spiritual Health

The force of Emunah, "faith" or "belief" plays an essential role in determining one's psychological well-being. In fact, when properly considered, it serves as a background against which all psychic striving can be understood. Just as the physical body returns to the earth from which it was formed, so too does the soul proceed toward ultimately re-uniting with the Divine source from which it was conceived. At any particular time, one's psychological state can be seen as a reflection of how that process is progressing.

Kabbalah and Psychology: Anxiety Relief – The Kabbalah Approach to Mental Health – Index

Redefining What You Are… Spiritual Work for Our Generation – Index

Love: The Creative Power of the Soul

  1. Introduction
  2. Love as the Source of Communication
  3. Love – the Revealed "Something"
  4. Abraham, Faith, and Love
  5. Love as the Revelation of Potential
  6. The Parable of the Nursing Baby
  7. Israel As a Light to the Nations
  8. Love As the Power to Connect
  9. The Parable of the Three-fold Cord
  10. The Ultimate Secret [NOT CURRENTLY ON SITE]


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