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In the sciences, Mathematics manifests the sefirah of wisdom. The various methods used to translate Hebrew words into numbers are known collectively as gematria. There are many different such methods and throughout all of Rav Ginsburgh's writings we find them used profusely. The sefirah of wisdom is many times described as a flash of lightning striking the mind, giving the recipient new sparks of insight. Just as mathematics revitalized all of science in the 16th and 17th centuries, so the application of gematria, reveals new insight into the Torah.

Gematria Main Resource Page Main index page on all topics related to gematria.

Euler's Equation (coming next week) The three special numbers, e, π, and i, come together in what is regarded as Euler’s most famous equation. In an amazing stroke of analytical genius, Euler discovered a remarkable relationship usually written as: eiπ ┴ 1 = 0 Indeed, this formula, looked at from a mathematical bird’s-eye view seems almost mystical. Following our discussion of the number π in the Torah, this article models the three numbers e, i, and π according to Torah. Go to the article.

The Story of Pi (π) – Part 1 Geometrically, π’s remainder is the discrepancy between dividing the circumference by 3 and getting the value of its diameter. Numerically, it represents the part of π that runs on forever and ever after the decimal point. In this article, we will tell the story of this remainder from the perspective of the basic transformational model of submission, separation, and sweetening, as described by the Ba’al Shem Tov, the 18th century founder of the Chassidic movement. Go to the article.

The Story of Pi (π) – Part 2 In this part, Harav Ginsburgh takes a deeper look at the Gaon of Vilna's commentary on the Book of Formation and its references to pi and the 32 pathways of wisdom. The powers of pi are also treated as well as another look at the 4 rational approximations most commonly used for pi. Go to the article.

Mathematical Genetics – Part 1 The first section includes a discussion of the truly beautiful complimentarity of the longest word and the word with the highest gematria in the Pentateuch. Inspired by the longest word, the article then gets into its main theme, recursive functions in the Torah and their correspondence with genetics. Go to the article.

When Two Triangles Make A Square Inspired by the heroes of Chanukah, this is a beautiful study in the relationship between triangular and square numbers. Go to the article.

Article: Love and Fear A study of the Ten Commandments using intermediate level gematria. Read the article (html, pdf).

Happy Numbers, Singular Numbers, and Family Numbers An in-depth study of happy numbers, a beautiful finding of recreational mathematics. Go to the article.


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