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Where Kabbalah Kisses Science

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Video Lectures: 11 Lectures on Modern Physics and Torah: Kabbalah and Special Relativity, General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, and String Theory

This tour de force seminar was given in April of 2007 in Los Angeles. Lectures are viewable as video and written transcripts are provided for each lecture. Click here to go to the seminar page.

Video Lectures: 248 in Nature and in Man – Part 1

Lectures 1 and 2: In this study of the number 248 and its role today in physics, we look at the many references to this number in relation to creation. Click here to view the videos and read the article.

Video Lectures: 248 in Nature and in Man – Part 2

Lectures 3 and 4: In this continuation, Rav Ginsburgh looks at more instances of the number 248 as it appears in relation to prophecy and the number of commandments in the Torah as well as its role in the resurrection of the dead. Click here to view the videos and read the article.

Kabbalah and String Theory (1995)

One of the most recent theories in physics–able, in theory, to unify the four known forces of nature (and thereby achieve a "unified field theory") but as of yet unable to be validated by experiment–is string theory. Its basic concepts and images bring to mind most evident correlations to the teachings of traditional Jewish Kabbalah. We will here touch upon three basic concepts: Ten dimensions; the string; four forces from one.Click here to read the article.


Torah Foundations of the Periodic Table

How can we translate between the seemingly incompatible qualitative language of Torah and the quanitative language of modern chemistry? In this seminal article, which could easily revolutionize chemical research, Rav Ginsburgh shows us how this translation takes place. In addition, this article deals with some of the most foundational aspects of the periodic table and how its structure reflects the very basic usage of double square numbers in Kabbalah.Click here to read

Life Sciences

Torah, Evolution, and Intelligent Design Index

Our resource center on evolution and intelligent design. Includes recordings from a three day seminar given by Harav Ginsburgh in 5766 and various related articles. Click here to go there…]

Kaf Dalet Tevet 5768 Farbrengen with Harav Yitzchak Ginsburgh

The potter’s wheel and the world of formation, Three origins, Mind, heart, and habits, Levels of nullification, Religion and science, Light-speed, Perceptions of creation, The image of God, The ubiquity of evolution, From resurrection to eternal life

Mystical Judaism's Perspective on Nutrition

We can now recognize that among the six nutrients required by the body, water is a separate category (it corresponds to wisdom) from the other five (which correspond to understanding). Still, all six are necessary for the body’s healthy functioning. In Kabbalah, we are taught that wisdom and understanding constitute an inseparable pair, which is why water and the other five nutrients are listed together. Wisdom is also known as the father principle (water) and understanding as the mother principle (the other five nutrients) of the psyche. Click here to read

Video Lectures: Taxonomy and Species

Lectures 1 and 2: Modern taxonomy relies on the definition of species and the definition of similarities and differences between them. The Torah also uses a taxonomy to categorize different species. In this lecture Harav Ginsburgh explores the various teachings on taxonomy found in Jewish philosophy and Kabbalah. Click here to view videos and read the article based on these classes.

Photosynthesis and Kabbalah

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Earth Sciences

Video Lectures: Kabbalah on the Continents and Oceans

Even a beginning student of Kabbalah is immediately struck by the division of the Earth’s surface into 3 and 7 oceans and continents, respectively, that we have just seen. The reason for this is that it immediately suggests a direct correspondence with the 10 sefirot, the 10 Divine emanations which constitute the most basic Kabbalistic model. Additionally, the tensefirot themselves are grouped in many different ways, depending on the particular context, but without any doubt, the most ubiquitous and common grouping divides them into 3 and 7.Click here to view videos and read the article based on the lectures


Angular Motion (Physics)

Hierarchies in Nature (Biology)

Levels of Metaphor in Science

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