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The Month of Adar According to the Book of Formation (Sefer Yetzirah)

Purim Resource Page 

Absurd Dreams Are Really (Good)

The Rebbe’s Last Message

History Repeats Itself

When we consider ourselves as the individuals who make history, our first thought is that we have never existed before. There may have been people who were similar to us, whether more or less successful (probably more…), but we are all unique…

Audio: “Hadran” Farbrengen for Tractate Sanhedrin

This class was given during a farbrengen. Topics discussed were: A siyum on the tractate of Sanhedrin. A short meditation for use when reciting the bedtime Kriyat Shema, especially during the month of Adar this year. And, the interpretation to two sayings by the sages regarding the necessity to judge one’s fellow in a favorable manner.

Serving in a White Cloak

This class was given during the Sheva Berachot following the wedding of Rabbi Ginsburgh’s daughter. Topics discussed were: Moshe Rabbeinu’s service during the seven days of fulfillment. The significance of his white cloak and its relationship to marriage. A kavanah regarding the priestly garments. The difference between the spiritual makeup of a man and a woman. How all this relates to the torah reading of Vayakhel-Pekudai.


Identifying the Tzadik, Chashmal, and the Tachash (4 Adar 5773)

Notable Dates in Adar

7 Adar – Yarhzeit of Moshe Rabbeinu

14 Adar – Purim

15 Adar – Shushan Purim

21 Adar – Yarhzeit of Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhensk


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