The Two Mazalot

In Kabbalah, a mazal is a channel that connects the unconscious to the conscious mind.

There are two primary mazalot, one connecting the unconscious to wisdom and the other connecting the unconscious to understanding.

The two mazalot are referred to as the higher mazal and the lower mazal, bringing a sense of nothingness and somethingness into our minds.

We arouse both of these mazalot when we recite Shema every morning and evening, when we say "Havayah [is] our God Havayah [is one]."

The 3 word phrase "Havayah our God Havayah" comprises 4-6-4 letters, a symmetric form which spells David (dalet-vav-dalet).

Of the 10 verses of kingdom (our coronation of God to be our King) that we say on the New Year, Shema is the 10th, kingdom of kingdom, David.

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