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Q&A: The Spiritual Side of Respiratory Problems

Q: With the coronavirus going around, I was wondering about the spiritual side of respiratory problems and how to rectify them.

A: The Hebrew word for lung, "re'ah" is an anagram for “r'iyah," (to see), aryeh," (lion), and especially "yir'ah," (awe) of God.  The two levels of the lungs are yir'ah (awe), and simcha (joy).  The spiritual rectification for respiratory problems is in the verses, " Serve God with awe,” combined with “serve God with joy."  Fear of anything other than God is the opposite of proper respiratory function. A person suffering from respiratory problems should strengthen his faith in God, his pleasure in Torah and mitzvot, and his will to fulfill the mitzvot immediately, thus bringing pleasure to God, himself and the entire world.  (Editor’s note: This is a spiritual recommendation and is not in lieu of seeking medical attention for the problem at hand).


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