The Seven Names of the Evil Inclination

The sages teach that the evil inclination has seven names. The first name was given by God: "evil," implying a force that takes you "down."

The second name of the evil inclination was given by Moses: "uncircumcised," implying a concealing shield over the inner point of the heart.

King David gave the evil inclination its third name: "impure." A pure heart is a happy heart. Impurity implies contact with death, sadness.

King Solomon gave the evil inclination its fourth name: "hater." Your evil inclination hates you, and it makes you hate others.

Isaiah gave the evil inclination its fifth name: "obstacle." Your evil inclination gets in your way and you're likely to trip over it.

Ezekiel gave the evil inclination its sixth name: "stone." The flesh of your heart, your sensitivity and feeling, turns into stone.

Joel gave the evil inclination its seventh name: "subconscious," the evil that can be uprooted only by God, for you are unaware of it.

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Susanne Bass March 10, 2011 at 9:58 pm

Wonderful reading. The seven names of Evil are scary, but I only fear the L-rd my G-d, maker of heaven and earth – the entire universe.


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