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The Nature of Time (Part 1)

The nature of time is one of the three greatest questions asked about the universe. Is time an absolute entity or is it simply a collection of events or happenings in space. Can there be empty time?
Rav Ginburgh cuts into the very core of our understanding of time in this seminal lecture. He introduces the debate between Plato (absolutism) and Aristotle (reductionism) and how it can be understood in Kabbalistic terms (later reiterated in the debate between Newton and Leibniz). From there he moves on to describe the three most important questions about the universe: time, life, and intelligence.
The second half of the lecture is devoted to looking at three prevailing theories on time: presentism (there is only the present), growing universe (both the past and the present exist), and eternalism (past, present, and future all exist) and how they correspond to the three letters of the word "image" (as in the image of God in which man was created) and the three "heads" of the human super-consciousness.


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