The Four Ingredients of Universal Religion

For true peace on earth there must be one religion for all mankind. That religion is Judaism: 613 commandments for Jews and 7 for non-Jews.

"True peace" = "a word of Torah" = "light" in primordial numbering (see our site). The initials of "a word of Torah" spell "religion."

A universal religion: one God, one way (fit for different soul-roots), love, and joy. It can become a reality, but it's up to all of us.

Some people become intimidated when told that they must commit to a certain life-style. How do we educate our children? God is our father.

To live a life full of love and joy demands a certain degree of commitment on our part. Where do love and joy come from? From the Torah.

We all have the potential for love and joy in our souls. But for them to actualize they must be linked to the source of truth, the Torah.

An emotion, like love or joy, is "true" when it doesn't waver and when a sense of the Divine hovers over it. The Torah verifies our emotions.

Love (13), joy (353) and trust (75) = truth (441, 21 squared). We must add to love and joy trust in God to achieve truth.

Trust is more than just believing in the existence of God. Trust means that God is real in my life. I make Him real by doing what He says.

Some think that if I feel God at my side, guarding and guiding me, that's enough to make Him real in my life. That's a basis but not enough.

If I feel that He cares for me then I must respond by showing Him that I care for Him, and that is by living my life as He desires.

The more I feel that He cares for me the more I must care for Him. Caring for one another strengthens the bond between them. They become one.

In Kabbalah the middle line is not only the blend of the right and the left, not only a state of balance, but an essence in and of itself.

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