The Feminine Voice

In this world-order the female voice is not heard, in the messianic era, soon to be, it will be heard, loud and strong.

Women are in general sopranos, men are tenors or basses. The soprano voice carries the melody and the lower voices accompany.

Women are violins and violas, men are cellos and counter-basses. Often, men play women and women play men.

Music is string theory. Physics has not yet discovered the difference between male and female vibrations.

The 4 forces of modern physics correspond in a 4-part choir to the 2 female voices, soprano and alto, and the 2 male voices, tenor and bass.

The two nuclear forces, strong and weak, are the hidden female voices, becoming more and more revealed as we approach the messianic era.

Electromagnetism is the tenor and gravity is the bass. They are male, revealed to all in this world.

In greater detail, there are 3 female voices, soprano, mezzo-soprano, contralto, and 4 male voices, countertenor, tenor, baritone, and bass.

The 3 female voices correspond to the 3 Patriarchs and the 4 male voices to the 4 Matriarchs! A classic example of inter-inclusion.

King Solomon says, "Three are wondrous for me and four I know not." How the female voices link to men and the male voices link to the women.

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