The Chile Miners Miracle

The miracle in Chile: 33 men and 69 days. 33 plus 69 = 102, faith. 33 times 69 = 11 times 207, 11 lights, a light for each of the 11 sefirot

Mining is a dangerous occupation. Every soul on earth is a miner, mining for the treasures God has hidden in nature.

The greatest treasure that God has hidden in nature is His own Presence. He continually creates the world and us all. He is inside all.

So what's so dangerous about mining for God? Thinking that He is mine. If I am truly His then He indeed in mine.

The miracle in Chile gives us a glimpse of resurrection from afar. Resurrection is coming out of the grave alive.

Don't be sure if someone pronounces someone dead. Maybe he's still alive. Believe that he's alive, open your eyes and see him alive.

Believing, willing, contemplating, seeing is the four stage process that we call "conscious determination."

Conscious determination makes dreams (one's deepest desires) come true. Apply conscious determination to bringing redemption to the world.

All of us want good in our lives. Pray for others – their good is your good. "He that prays for others is answered first."

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