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Tape No. 6012 Natural Consciousness

Tape Aid Summaries, Charts, Translations and aids for recorded lecture tapes by Rabbi Ginsburgh

These lecture tapes are part of a 6 tape series called "Natural Consciousness"

Tape 1:  Choosing Happiness

Study Aid

  • Active Combustion: Prayer and Torah Study
  • Common Denominator of Prayer and Torah Study: Eating
  • Prayer – Opening the Secret Dimension of the Heart to G-d
  • The Fire of Eating and Drinking – Achilah Shtiyah
  • Acronym for Aish – Fire (alef shin)
  • Preparation for Prayer: 1. Torah study  2.Meditation

Eating Drinking
Wheat (spiritual) wine
Chochmah (wisdom) Binah (understanding)
Father principle Mother principle
Torah study Meditation 



  • The Fire of Eating and Sleeping – Achilah Sheinah
  • Acronym for Aish – Fire (alef shin)
  • Eating – wheat – representing chochmah, wisdom, father principle – Torah study
  • Sleeping – Fiery Sleep – To set time for Torah study. During this time to be totally engrossed in Torah study and asleep to worldly affairs.
  • Alter Rebbe: A true chassid is a person who is tranquil on the outside and on fire on the inside.

Avodat Haberurim
 The Service of

Avodat Hayichudim
The Service of Unification
Natural Consciousness

Consciousness of good and evil in world Consciousness of unity 
Extract good from evil
or evil from good
No more need to clarify people's positions — just get people together
Fission  Fusion
Rebbe: This service of God has been completed Rebbe: This is the Messianic service of God



  • "See I have placed before you today life and good and death and evilג€¦and you should choose life" (Deuteronomy 29:15, 19)

Service of Clarification

Natural Consciousness

If you do good, you will merit life and vice versa "Choose life" — Consciousness solely on life (God).  
In the back of every person's mind, he knows he will die (entropy). Not thinking of death
Pessimism Optimism
Negative thoughts create negative reality Positive thoughts create positive reality
Arizal: The pessimist is vulnerable to all evil on earth. Ba'al Shem Tov: Think good and reality will be good
Absolute state of cold — agnosticism through atheism State of being on (holy) fire — Chassidut





For a deeper explanation of some of these concepts, see our Glossary of Kabbalah and Chassidut

  • Achdut – unity
  • Aharon – Aaron, the High Priest
  • Am Yisrael – the nation of Israel
  • Chazal – our sages
  • Chop arein – grab what he can
  • Doven – pray
  • Echad hayah Avraham – Abraham was one
  • Eretz Yisrael – Land of Israel
  • Goy – non Jew or nation
  • Goyim – non Jewish world
  • Hashem – G-d
  • Hashkafah – viewpoint
  • Ki heim chayeinu – orech yameinu – the Torah is our life and length of days Mitzvot – commandments
  • 7 Mitzvot Bnai Noach – 7 commandments of Righteous Gentiles
  • Moshe Rabbeinu – Moses
  • Muda'ut tiv'it – natural consciousness
  • Nigun – Chassidic melody
  • Nusach – text
  • Parshat shavua – weekly Torah portion
  • Perek Shirah – The Song of Creation
  • Pshat -“ simple explanation
  • Prat – individual
  • Rebbe – Lubavitcher Rebbe
  • Shacharis – morning prayer
  • Sichot – lectures
  • Tachlis – ultimate goal
  • Teshuvah – repentance
  • Tzaddik – righteous person
  • Yiddishe – Jewish
  • Yiddishkeit – Judaism
  • Yetzer horah – evil inclination

Tape 2 & 3:  Making the Mundane Divine

Study Aid

  • The Meanings of the Word "Mitzvah":

1. Obedience – consciousness of good and bad – clarification

2. Togetherness –
a. Uniting with God — natural consciousness
b. Basis for togetherness with others

  • Two  Names of God Relating to Natural Consciousness

Elokim – G-d as He manifests in nature
Ekyeh (asher Ekyeh)
  – "I will Be what I will Be"

This name is the secret of redemption from exile. It contains 11 letters. Hence, the first, middle and last letters are equidistant. In Hebrew, this is called Rosh, Toch, Sof. First letter (Rosh): Alef
Middle letter (Toch): Shin
Last letter (Sof): Hei

These three letters spell Isha — woman. In Kabbalah, Imma, the mother principle, gives birth to Ekyeh asher Ekyeh, the secret of redemption. As we approach Mashiach, the feminine side of reality must mature and surpass the male side of reality.

  • Does Natural (Unification) Consciousness Mean that Everything is Equal?

At the close of Shabbat we recite the Havdalah  (Separation) prayer. We bless God for separating between: 

  1. the sacred and the secular
  2. light and darkness
  3. Israel and the nations
  4. Shabbat and the days of the week

This is the consciousness of the service of clarification, which is not relevant to Shabbat, the Messianic consciousness of unification.

  • The Equality of Natural Consciousness

There are two Manifestations of Divine Light

1) G-d's Immanent Light (Memalai kol Almin)

The ultimate good of God. Every creation should receive the utmost according to his potential. Every individual is different, but equal in the optimal individual good that he can contain. This is equality of Natural Consciousness.

2) God's Transcendent Light (Sovev kol Almin)

G-d relating to everything as absolutely equal. This light surrounds every point of reality, but is not visible. Relates to everything objectively as equal. 

Sovev is spelled Samech Vav Beit (2) Beit (2) = Samech Vav Dalet (4) = sod, secret

The secret is: God is All and All is God — all is equal before Him

  • Teva — Nature

Teva is spelled  tet, beit, ayin. The tet and beit are the subroot of "good".

The ayin (last letter of the word "ra" bad) also means "eye" It is the eye of consciousness finding the evil, identifying the holy spark in it and making it a throne for good.

Teva — t'viat ayin — the power of the eye to make an impression on an object and to identify it as one's own, thereby redeeming the holy sparks in it.

God's Nature is Teva Hatov — the nature of Good to be good. This is His essence. 

  • The Secret of Levi

Levi — Lamed, Vav, Yud

Triangle of lamed, 30 = 465

Triangle of vav, 6 = 21

Triangle of yud, 10 = 55

Sum of all triangles = 541 = Israel. All of Israel should be Levi. Unification takes place in sefirah of tiferet (1081). Israel, 541, is the midpoint of tiferet. The numerical value of Levi = 46. Triangle of 46 = 1081, tiferet.



  • Ad shetehai shalhevet olah me'eileha: until the flame ascends by itself
  • Afilu bidvar averah: even in an apparent sin
  • Avodat hayichudim: the service of unification
  • Berur: clarification
  • Chag haShavuot: the holiday of Shavuot
  • Chayav mitah: deserving of the death penalty
  • Chol: secular
  • Davka: specifically
  • Geferlach: terrible
  • Goyim: non Jews
  • Hakadosh Baruch Hu: The Holy One Blessed Be He
  • Halachah: Jewish law
  • Halachot: Jewish laws
  • Halevai: would it be
  • Kodesh: holy
  • Mamzer: bastard
  • Mashiach ben David: Mashiach the son of David
  • Mashiach ben Yosef:Mashiach the son of Joseph
  • Matan Torah: the giving of the Torah
  • Mesirus nefesh: self sacrifice
  • Mikoach hatvi'at ayin shel hakedusha – through the holy impression of the eye
  • Mitzvah: commandment
  • Rambam: Maimonides
  • Simcha: joy
  • Yaakov Avinu: Jacob our Forefather
  • Yichud: unification
  • Yiddishe kup: Jewish head
  • Yichus: lineage
  • Yiddishkeit: Judaism

Tape 4 & 5:  How to Access our Latent Potential

Study Aid

  •  The Power of Reproduction:  "Be fruitful and multiply."


  1. Physical Children
  2. Spiritual Children — new insights in mind
  3. Igniting other souls to return to G-d
  • Hebrew Words with Root of Etzev
  1. Nervousness — atzabim
  2. Sadness — etzev
  3. Idols — atzabim

Nervousness is vulnerability to serve other gods. A nervous person goes to doctor, overeats, develops addictions etc., all forms of idolatry. If a person experiences any pain, turn to G-d (Maimonides).

  • Archetypical Souls of Rectification of Covenant

Yosef (Joseph)

Sefirah: yesod

First to withstand trial of temptation

Tzaddik, tikun pgam habrit – Righteous Person, Rectification of the Blemish of the Covenant


Terrorism (unrectified yesod)

  • Levi

Moshe praises Levi in his blessing to tribes: "V'shamru imratecha ubritcha yintzoru."  — Levi has kept Your word, and guarded Your covenant.

  • Roots for "Guard"

Rashi: "Kept Your word" (lishmor) — guard  — At the sin of the Golden Calf, the tribe of Levi kept the negative commandment "Lo yihyeh lecha Elohim acherim al panai" — the prohibition of idol worship.

"Guarded your covenant" (lintzor) — nurture — throughout 40 years in desert only Levi performed the positive commandment of circumcision.

Past Consciousness – pessimism, skepticism, bound to existential doubt, fatalism, choosing death

Present Consciousness — what you see is what you get

Future consciousness — (yintzoru) Person in future manifests infinite potential. The future potential is actualized in the present and becomes ultimate good

  • Nine  Dynamics of Actualizing Potential

There are two types of order: Birth Order and Rectification Order

1) Birth (natural) Order: The power of yesod is the deep power in the psyche to line up and order one's talents. They will then emerge from the channel in an orderly manner. If person tries to accomplish objectives in an improper order, he will not actualize his objective.


Rabbi Issac of Homil

2) Order of Rectification — Mature order — for those wrestling with pgam habrit. Pgam habrit begins with hitkashrut (spiritual) touch of da'at.

Stage 1. Da'at: The impulse of touch — not necessarily physical — experience of mature soul.

Stage 2. Yesod: Firm readiness to act toward objective. This stage ascends immediately to keter, which subdivides into three stages of da'at (in purple):

Stage 3. Gidei Ratzon: Volition — Will to impregnate reality.  The will to convey the electric impulse of will to consummate, which was created at the first moment of touch. This is the unconscious will to bring out potential.

Stage 4. Gidei Chayut u'Tnuah" — Life force and motion — chochmah — Psyche unconsciously begins to move toward consummation.

Stage 5. Gidei Hargasha: — Sensation — Binah — Unconscious becomes conscious — complex experience — Sensitive to feedback, either from within or from without.

Stage 6. Blood: The blood connects all the organs of body. Seed, produced from blood is the concentrated code of all the limbs of body. Feedback from #5 is integrated into blood and entire soul identifies with  the vector force of actualization of potential.

Stage 7. Kidneys: Until now, the experience has been raw. After the body identifies with the experience, it has to enter into high pressure cooking. The readiness to give over is cooked in the kidneys.

Stage 8. Yesod: — Self realization — The release of potential is  going to happen immediately. This is the performance of mitzvot with joy. In order to do this, one must be ecstatically joyful. The realization of one's purpose in creation.  Emet  Self verification is the inner dimension of yesod. This is the realizion of one's latent inner potential.

Stage 9. Malchut: Pure Mesirut Nefesh (self sacrifice) — Ultimate tikun habrit. In actuality, release is releasing oneג€™s life. (Not necessarily dieing) Total devotion to Divine destiny.


  • Halacha – Jewish law
  • Hashem – G-d
  • Klipat Amalek – the shell of Amalek
  • Lashon hakodesh -the holy language (Hebrew)
  • Lema'alah mita'am vada'at – Above reason
  • Ma'marim – essays
  • Mesirut nefesh – self sacrifice
  • Metukan – rectified
  • Pshat – simple meaning
  • Shalhevet olah mei'eilehah – flame ascending by itself
  • Tachlis – ultimate goal
  • Tikun habrit – The Rectification of the Covenant
  • Tikun – rectification
  • Tzaddik – righteous person
  • Yiddishkeit – Judaism

Tape 6:  Deliberate Ability — Unification of Light & Sound

Study Aid

Torah 611
Brit  612
Commandments 613

In Hebrew, brit (covenant) is spelled beit, reish, yud, tav; The first word in the Torah, "Breishit," is spelled beit, reish, alef, shin, yud, tav. These are the letters of brit, plus the alef and shin in the middle, which spell "eish," fire. The Torah is God's covenant of holy fire with the Jewish people. 612 = 36 times 17 (tov, Hebrew for "good")

The tzaddik (righteous person) is the consummate good. Brit, 612, represents the 36 tzaddikim of every generation. Tzaddik = 204 = 12 times 17

Emunah (faith) = 102 = 6 times 17

"Tzaddik b'emunato yichyeh" (Chavakuk 2:4) "A tzaddik lives with his faith."

Isha (woman) — messianic consciousness = 306 = 18 times 17

The average value of brit (612 divided by the four letters of brit) is 163, the triangle of 17 (good). The midpoint of 17 is 9, the number that signifies brit.

Barak (lightening) 302 acronym for "Brit kodesh," holy covenant

Ra'am (thunder)

The first two letters of barak and ra'am are identical to first two letters of brit. When added together, they equal 612, the numerical value of brit.

The remaining letters of barak and ra'am, reish, kuf, ayin and mem, equal 410, the numerical value of the final two letters of brit; yud tav.

There are 6 letters in the union of barak and ra'am (3 letters each in Hebrew). The average value of these two words, (612 divided by 6) is 102, which is emunah (faith) or tzvi (deer). In The Ethics of our Fathers, our Sages advise us to be as agile as a deer in our fulfillment of God's commandments.

  • Deliberate Agility

The Ba'al Shem Tov's 3 Directives for Rectified Jewish Life: 

  Be Smart Be Happy
Gender Male principle

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