Tamar’s Dating Tips

Tamar, palm tree or date, is the name of three different women in the Bible, all related to kingdom.

Judah is the kingly tribe of Israel. His wife was Tamar. The Mashiach descends from Judah and Tamar.

The root of the name Tamar means "to exchange." Tamar knew how to do business with Judah.

In Hebrew, "to exchange" is close to "to gamble." Marriage is a gamble, especially marrying a king.

In her desire to marry Judah, the king, Tamar was almost burnt at the stake. She won the stakes.

Before going our on a date eat dates, connect to Tamar. A holy date is for the sake of marriage.

Fast dating is recommended. 3 or 4 times should be enough to know if it's your beshert (soul-mate).

The Torah refers to dates as honey. When dating just get a taste of honey. Wait for your honeymoon.

A taste of honey is through sweet words and sweet eyes, no touching is necessary.

Dating for fun, not for marriage, ends in sorrow. It's no fun to hurt or be hurt.

God created two sexes for a good reason. Opposites complement one another and bear fruit.

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