Sukot and Faith

When preparing a mitzvah, e.g., building a sukah, we bless God in our heart. When performing the mitzvah, we bless God with our mouth.

Sitting in a sukah is sitting in the aura of "mother." On the High Holidays we honor our father in awe, on Sukot we honor our mother in joy.

On Sukot we sit in "the shadow of faith." In Hebrew, "faith"-emunah begins with "mother"-em. God is our father, faith in God is our mother.

Some think that God is no more than faith in God. In truth, God and our faith in Him are interdependent – "two companions that never part."

In Kabbalah, God and our faith in Him, at the level of "crown," are referred to as "the hidden might of Essence" and "the unknowable head."

"The hidden might of Essence" manifests in consciousness as wisdom, the father principle, as it says: "Wisdom gives might to the wise."

"The unknowable head" manifests in consciousness as understanding, the mother principle, whose ultimate, 50th gate is that I know nothing.

The gematria of God's essential Name, Havayah, is 26. "Faith in God" = 130 = 5 times 26. Their union is 156 = 6 times 26 = Joseph = Zion.

The gematria of "faith in God" when written in full (a-le-f = 111 etc.) is 771 – this year (as customary to delete the thousands)!

Some people enjoy and are inspired by gematria and some not. If your soul is from "kingdom," the world of numbers, you will like gematria.

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