Standing to Hear the Word of God

The first two of the Ten Commandments, to believe in God and not to worship idols, we heard directly from the mouth of God, as it were.

God reveals Himself to each and every one of us in our daily lives and tells us to worship only Him, for our eternal good.

God speaks to us from all four directions and from up and down, spontaneously. His voice permeates our being.

Our ears are located on the sides of our heads, the best place to pick up vibes from all directions.

God's first, all-inclusive word is "I." In Hebrew, "I" means "vertical" or "erect." All of the cells of our bodies stand up to God's "I."

We all stand up to God's "I," ready to receive His commandments and perform them.

When the Ten Commandments are read from the Torah scroll the whole congregation stands.

In Kabbalah, standing up symbolizes entering the World of Emanation, the world of Divine consciousness.

The highpoint of our daily prayers is the Standing Devotion whose 18 blessings correspond to the 18 vertebra of our spinal column.

The 4 letters of "action" in Hebrew are the initials of "stand," "lie," "sit," "walk." To rectify action one must employ all postures.

First stand to hear the word of God. Then lie to nullify your ego. Then sit to meditate. Then walk to fulfill your purpose in life.

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