Spiritual Eye Movement

In Kabbalah, to live is to be on the move. Life is defined as movement. Movement originates in the mind, physically manifesting in the eyes.

In Hebrew, eyes and movement share the same 2-letter subroot written backwards. Eye movement balances the psyche.

Consider the head as a sphere. It has 3 great circles that meet at right angles, the circles defined by the eyes, the ears, and the nose.

The circle defined by the eyes is the horizontal circle, implying that ideal, balancing eye movement is back and forth from right to left.

The circle defined by the ears is the right-left vertical circle, and that defined by the nose is the front-back vertical circle.

If physical eye movement has been shown to facilitate the reprocessing of traumatic experience, how much the more so spiritual eye movement.

What is spiritual eye movement? "Observe (back and forth) where you came from and where you're going and before Whom you will give account."

"Where you came from and where you're going" is evaluating your own life's history. "Before Whom you will give account" is positive thinking.

Connecting to God and His Providence, knowing that He judges us in order to recitify us, gives us the power to view ourselves positively.

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