The Heart that Never Sleeps

The Heart that Never Sleeps: For My Head is Filled With Dew

Dew, unlike rain, does not depend upon evaporation from the ground below. Thus, dew is symbolic of the gift of Divine Revelation that does not require arousal from below; for it comes from such a hidden and transcendent source that no effort of created beings can possibly reach. However, when the soul reaches its ultimate service "my perfect one" this Revelation is drawn down from above as though on its own.

This is compared to a man walking from courtyard to courtyard, from chamber to chamber, where he must open the doors of the gateways between the chambers himself. Suddenly he is standing before a completely open gateway. From there, he requires nothing more to enter the Great Hall, since he has passed through all the preceding gates by his own efforts.

The gift of "dew" is infinitely greater than even the boundless pleasure of gazing at the King. Although the service of "my dove" expresses a state of bitul, the selfless pleasure of gazing is contracted and confined by the inner sense of vision of mind and heart. The pleasure of any sensation of the soul is called ta'anug murkav ("compounded pleasure") in contrast to ta'anug pashut ("simple or absolute pleasure"). "Dew" represents G-d's gift of ta'anug pashutTa'anug pashut is not only selfless but "senseless". It is not experienced in any particular sensation of the soul outside itself.

The Divine Groom calls to His bride Israel: "My head is filled with dew. I am ready to convey to you the gift of dew, ta'anug pashut, if you will only awaken."

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