The Heart that Never Sleeps

The Heart that Never Sleeps: My Perfect One – Part 8

The Jew reaches the highest level of service–"my perfect one"–when he perfects" G-d in His relationship to the world (in His revealed presence in the world). This comes after he perfects himself in his relationship to G-d through bitul, as above in the level of service of "my dove". The "perfection" of "my perfect one" is an extension of the deeper meaning of "my companion", described above. The level of service of "my companion" maintains the harmony of the Divine presence in the universe. However, this harmony does not yet reveal the unity of G-d in the Creation. The universe still hosts imperfections. It still hosts individual souls and objects in temporal exile, suffering the pain of separation from their hidden source. As long as there remains even one suffering soul or creature (Jew, non-Jew or any being), the "perfection" of G-d is incomplete. This is where the highest level of service is required. After beholding with wonder and boundless pleasure the splendor of the King, one must turn one's attention to the world he lives in. This must be done particularly in order to perfect those souls and beings that are related to one's root. When Israel enters into this work, G-d calls her "my perfect' one", for the Will of G-d is to realize His "perfection" in the world, and Israel ("an actual part of G-d"–see Tanya, chapter 2) is entrusted with this task.

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