Slave of Slaves

Noah was a "complete tzadik." A tzadik clings to truth, is consistent. Thus Noah was both complete and consistent, but in a confined system.

Shneur Zalman (the first Rebbe of Chabad) = "complete tzadik" (said of Noah). He was complete and consistent, in a larger system than Noah's.

After the deluge Noah planted a vineyard, drank the wine, and fell naked drunk in his tent. He was trying to rectify Adam's sin, but failed.

Noah's son Cham castrated his drunken father, for which Noah cursed his son, Canaan, to be "a slave of slaves."

A slave is one who is addicted to his evil inclination, but knows it. A slave of slaves is one who doesn't even know that he is addicted.

A slave of slaves feels himself a self-sufficient "something." He has no sense of existential nothingness whatsoever.

In the future slave mentality will be transformed into longing to serve God alone and "slave of slaves" mentality will cease to exist.

Mashiach = 358 = "Jewish slave." He serves God and His people Israel.

"Slave" = "no man." Man is free, uncommitted, a slave is committed. God is called "no man," He is committed to fill the desires of Israel.

The Torah ends with "Israel" and begins "In the beginning" = "an eternal slave to My people Israel." With this thought in mind all begins.

Man and no-man complement one another. They combine to 121, a perfect square. 121 = Cohen Levi (who serves the Cohen).

In this world the Levi serves the Cohen. In the future the root of the Levi – higher than that of the Cohen – will be revealed.

In the Temple, the sacrificial service of the Cohen is accompanied by the song of the Levi, referred to as "service of service."

The service of the Cohen is a "connective intermediate," connecting the song of the Levi to God.

Not so with regard to slave of slaves mentality. The slave is separated by the slaves he serves from their master.

The Levi sings directly to God, not to the Cohen. But the Levi's song is what inspires the Cohen in his quiet, devoted service of God.

The union of Jacob Rachel (420) added to Cohen Levi (121) gives Israel (541). Abraham Isaac Jacob correspond to Cohen Levi Israel.

Isaac, corresponding to Levi, is the patriarchic figure of the future. The messianic era is an era of music, reaching up and drawing down.

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