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Shemot: Until When?

“And Moses returned to God and he said, ‘God, why have You done bad to this Nation, why did You send me? And since I came to Pharaoh to speak in Your Name it has been bad for this Nation and You have not saved Your Nation.”[1]

Is it proper to speak this way to God? Can we ask Him ‘Why?’ After all, we cannot even understand an iota of His infinite wisdom and His ways. Does God owe us an accounting? On the surface, a person who has Fear of Heaven does not dare ask the Master of the World questions. If you don’t understand, do your own accounting! You must have a problem that you are projecting on God…

We may answer that an ordinary person should not be asking questions, but Moses can ask, because his questions certainly do not stem from a lack of faith or holiness. But that is not enough. Ultimately, we learn from Moses that there is something good about questions. True, Moses is the leader and the responsibility is on his shoulders, but every person has a spark of the soul of Moses. And so, every Jew has to cry like Moses, “Until when?”

It is specifically the question that opens new gates. Until now, we perceived our connection with God in a certain way. But that was a relatively superficial perception. A major question undermines our entire perception. Something here is not understandable and we insist that we do not understand. We are not willing to smooth over the surface as if everything is fine.

If your ‘fear of Heaven’ prevents you from admitting that there are things you do not understand, the question will chip away at your soul, eventually causing rot and an unrectified relationship with God. A person for whom an inner connection with God is important cries out to Him. He asks searing questions and he doesn’t give up. God desires this direct honesty – it is exactly what is missing to bring the Redemption. Moses’ piercing question on the Exile is what hastens the coming of the Redemption.

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[1] Exodus 5: 21-22.

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