Shem, Cham, Yefet

"Noah found favor in the eyes of God." Noah (נח) is favor (חן) spelled backwards. He had 3 children, Shem, Cham, and Yefet.

Shem means "name." Cham means "hot." Yefet means "beautiful." Noah's 3 sons inherited 3 characteristics of Adam.

Shem: Adam's intuitive knowledge (to give names). Yefet: his aesthetic sense (in choosing a mate). Cham: his impulsive nature (to sin).

Mashiach includes all three soul-roots. He knows the secret of names, possesses a mature aesthetic sense, and is on holy fire.

The initials of Mashiach stand for Mashiach, Shem, Yefet, Cham (in that order). Mashiach in full = Shem Yefet Cham!

All of humanity derives from Noah's three sons. The purpose of the exile of the Jewish people is to redeem the fallen sparks in all.

The Ba'al Shem Tov would place his hand on the heart of a child and bless him to be a warm Jew (the rectification of Cham).

In all of our prayers we ask God for the Holy Temple, the elevation of our aesthetic sense (the rectification of Yefet).

In our Torah study we delve into the meanings of names, every word of the Torah is a holy name (the rectification of Shem).

The three soul roots of Shem Yefet and Cham in Adam are the interinclusion of Adam Eve and the snake in Adam himself.

Adam Eve snake plus Shem Yefet Cham = 1300 = love (13) times beauty (100) = 50 times 26, God's essential Name Havayah.

1300 = 1 2 3 4 (the simple song, double song, triple song, quadruple song – the 10 sefirot/powers of the soul) each to the 5th power.

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