God loves one who diminishes himself. "You are the least of all peoples" – you diminish yourselves.

The Zohar says that "he who is small is great." The smaller you are the greater your reward.

Reduce yourself to a point. You are now a volume – become a plane, then a line, then a point.

There are three points: a formed point, a concrete point, and an abstract point.

The letter yud is a formed point, a point relative to the other letters with a well defined form.

A dot on paper or any minute particle of matter is a concrete, tangible point.

An abstract point is a theoretical, dimensionless point, which does not exist in our physical realm.

Diminishing the ego takes place in five stages that correspond to the five levels of the soul.

The five levels of the soul are called: life-force, spirit, breath (of God), living one, single one.

By the power of one's life-force one is able to diminish the ego from volume to plane.

By the power of one's spirit is one able to diminish the ego from plane to line.

By the power of one's breath (of God) is one able to diminish the ego from line to formed point.

By the power of the living one is one able to diminish the ego from formed point to concrete point.

By the power of the single one is one able to diminish the ego from concrete point to abstract point

The three points are "plane within point," "line within point," and "point within point."

In our world only volume is real. A dot on paper has volume. Only the abstract point is free of ego.

In Hebrew, the word for "volume" means "blown up," an explicit allusion to a blown up sense of ego.

The word for "plane" means "spread out," and "line" means "hope for." Descending degrees of ego.

"Point" = "Her husband's heart trusts in her." By becoming a point we become God's faithful bride.

The origin of woman is called "a point under foundation (man's desire to build a happy marriage)."

"A point under foundation" = 2 times "pleasure" ("joy," 23 squared), of man and of woman.

"A point under foundation" is also called "a tail to lions." The 2 phrases together = 42 squared.

Another name for the origin-point of woman is "the point of Zion." All three names = 2480.

2480 is 10 times 248, the number of limbs in the body. 2480 thus implies the union of 10 souls.

248 is the number of positive commandments in the Torah and is equal to Abraham, the first Jew.

2480 is also 5 times 496, "kingdom," the fully developed feminine persona (partzuf).

2480 is 5 times 496, the sum of the names of the Five Books of Moses (whose average value is 496).

496 is the triangle of 31, God's Name El, and the 4th perfect number, all of whose divisors = itself

The first 3 perfect numbers are 1, 6, and 28, all alluded to in the first verse of the Torah.

The Torah begins with a big bet, 1. The first word has 6 letters and the first verse has 28 letters.

If you are equal to the sum of all of your divisors, all that "go into" you, then you are perfect.

The more general a soul you are the more are those that "go into" you, and you into them.

According to the above definition, a prime number or soul is very special but a loner.

You can even be more than perfect, if the sum of your divisors is greater than yourself.

The sum of the divisors of 120 is 240. If you're 120, twice as much as yourself goes into you.

To "go into you" is to "take you apart" which in Hebrew means either to dissect you or to reveal you

Ideally, when others go into you, take you apart, they reveal who you really are.

"To take apart" in Hebrew, in the sense of "dissect," means also "from time to time."

"To take apart" in the sense of "reveal" is to reveal one's inner, unchanging-unwavering essence.

"I am God, I have not changed," and so "you the children of Jacob have not expired," for you possess "an actual (unchanging) part of God."

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