Seeing God Everywhere

The essence of Jewish meditation is the concentrated effort of the soul to search for and find God in every experience of our lives.

Every verse, every word, and every letter of the Torah is a Divine portal through which the infinite light of the Almighty appears to us.

You are an emissary of God on earth to bring His light and goodness to all. You do this through meditation and walking is His ways.

An emissary must be faithful to the one that sent him on his specific mission. Try to hear your name being called from on high to act.

Turn your inner eye upward and see Divine Providence in your life. Downward and negate the existence of any power over you other than God.

Love resides in the right of your heart, fear in the left. The experience of unity is to your front and purity of thought is to your back.

If you're dreaming and want to wake up fall backwards. If you're not sure that it's a dream make sure there's something soft in back of you.

Free fall in a dream is a good sign. Don't worry, you won't crash, you'll wake up first. God's hand is there to catch you, fall into it.

Why do we say "to fall in love"? To experience true love one must fall from the heights of his ego. Egocentricity does not allow for love.

In Hebrew, "fall" (פול) and "wonder" (פלא) are cognate. By witnessing wonders in nature and in our lives we fall in love with our Creator.

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