Seeing Eye to Eye with Arabs and Christians

The prophet says that when God will return to Zion we will see Him "eye to eye," which reads literally "eye in eye."

In the future, the inner prophetic spiritual eye will be enclothed in the outer physical eye and so will we see God returning to Zion.

The middle letter of "eye" is the yud, the first letter of Havayah, who will appear to the "eye in eye" with the coming of the Mashiach.

The 3 letters of "eye" (ayin-yud-nun) stand for Arabs (aravim) Jews (yehudim) Christians (notzrim). The light will shine through the Jews.

Even in English the two e's of "eye," the right and the left of "eye," receive their light from the middle y which stands for yehudi (Jew).

In Hebrew e (spelled alef-yud) means "island." The Jewish people exist as the sea between 2 isolated islands of humanity, 2 separate worlds.

Some scientists believe that the big bang resulted from 2 separate universes almost touching one another. Judaism begins-bangs new creation.

Judaism was around long before the other two that now surround it and sometimes try to suffocate it. It appeared to eradicate idolatry.

The other two, the 2 e's around the y of "eye," are daughters of Judaism, albeit for the present rebellious daughters. They will return.

Maimonides describes how the two daughters will return to recognize the truth of their mother, Judaism.

All religions on earth will join Judaism's two daughters to recognize the truth of the Torah and serve the God of Israel together, with joy.

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