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Q&A: Secret of Ages of Seven Generations from Abraham to Moses

Q: What is the significance of our being told that Levi lived 137 years, Kehat 133 years and Amram 137 years? (Exodus 6:14-27)

A: The secret of the seven generations from Abraham until Moses can be learned through their ages. Moses is the seventh generation from Abraham, as it is written, "All the sevenths are dear." This also corresponds to the seven powers of the soul. The first, chesed, lovingkindness, corresponds to Abraham, while the seventh, kingdom, corresponds to Moses. This is also alluded to in the Torah verse, "Vayehi biyshurun melech," 'and in Israel there was a king,' which refers to Moses.

Knowing the exact ages of these seven generations reveals some interesting insights. Abraham lived 175 years, Issac 180, Jacob 147, Levi 137, Kehat 133, Amram 137 and Moses 120. The sum of all these ages is 1,029, which is 7 times 147. 147, which equals 3 times 7 squared is the age of Jacob. The years of Jacob's life are thus the average value of the seven generations from Abraham to Moses.

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