Samson and the Garlic Eaters

The Mishnah says that Jews are connoted "garlic eaters," for on Shabbat eve they eat garlic to increase their seed.

Samaritans don't eat garlic on Shabbat eve for they misinterpret the verse, "Do not burn fire on Shabbat" to refer to marital relationships.

The initials of the phrase "garlic eaters" spell "fire." Garlic arouses in the Jewish soul the holy fire of love for one's spouse.

The letters of the name Samson permute to spell "garlic tooth." The letters of his sister's name, Nashian, spell "wine tooth."

The average value of garlic and wine is Isaac, who the Torah describes as making love with his wife, Rebecca, whom he calls "my sister."

On Shabbat eve the wife prepares for her husband dishes with garlic and the husband gives his wife to drink from his kiddush cup of wine.

The initials of Samson-Nashian (his sister) spell "tooth." Together they = "In the beginning [God] created," the first 2 words of the Torah.

The Biblical spelling of Samson's mother, Hatzlelponi = 301 = "fire." In the Talmud her name appears as Tzelalfonit = 696 = Samson, her son!

Samson's mother's name, Hatzlelponi (or Tzelalfonit) is the etymological origin of "symphony." A fiery symphony bears Israel's mighty hero.

The name of Samson's father, Manoach, alludes to "restful waters." The "restful waters" marry fire and Samson is born.

Father (Manoach = 104), mother (Hatzlelponi = 301), son (Samson = 696), daughter (Nashian = 420) add to 1521 = 39 ("God is one") squared.

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Thomas September 21, 2011 at 12:05 am

Is there more information on Nashian, sister of Samson. Did she too have supernatural powers? How strong was Samson? I read that he had supernatural strength, beyond comprehension.


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