Rosh Hashana 5771

Wishing you all a good and sweet year.

This coming year, 5771, is a year of "conscious determination," a year of mind over matter, a year of "living Torah" for all of humanity.

The Zohar says, To rectify a nation rectify its head. Rectify means to identify with. Abraham is the head of our nation. Identify with him.

Abraham was the first to believe in One God. He was the first to love God and man. He was the first to truly give of himself to others.

We blow the shofar on Rosh HaShanah to awaken the Divine spark within us, to know that we are God's emissaries to shine His light to all.

The shofar gives voice to the inward cry of our hearts and our crying out to God. Spontaneous crying on days of awe is a sign of a pure soul.

Every year God shines new light into the world, thus changing His appearance. God doesn't look the same to us this year as He did last year.

What does it mean to ask God to be our king? That He take responsibility to provide for us by our taking responsibility to provide for Him.

A new year is a new chance to get our act together. In Hebrew, a positive act, mitzvah, means together – together in itself with God and man.

God's first blessing (on Rosh Hashanah, when man was created) is to have children. Second – long life (Yom Kippur). Third – abundance (Sukot).

Three barren women were remembered on Rosh Hashanah for children: Sarah, Rachel, and Chana. They gave birth to: Isaac, Joseph, and Samuel.

The Rebbe said that "quantity makes quality." This is one of the basic guidelines of our times. The more you produce the better the product.

Life is full of ups and downs. The secret of success is never to despair, just get up and go. The past is behind us, the future is before us.

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