Responsa to Various Pertinent Questions – Index

The Jewish Family

Is Threatened Illness an Obstacle to Marriage

Match-Making through Kabbalah
Dating a Non-Jewish Woman
The Feminine Advantage

Are Women Sub-Status?
Finding a Marriage Partner
Torah Reading by Women
How Many Soul Mates Can a Person Have?
Marital Harmony

 The Soul of Mashiach in Each Generation
 What makes us so sure that Mashiach is actually coming soon?
 The Gog Umagog (Armageddon) War 
Is Repentance a Prerequisite to Redemption?
 Hastening the Redemption through the Study of Kabbalah
 Why does charity hasten the redemption?
 What makes us so sure that Mashiach is actually coming soon?

 137–The Fine Structure Constant
 40 and Hebrew Mysticism
 How Many Letters in the Torah?
 The Number 18

 Kabbalah and Jewish Renewal
"Breaking of the Vessels"
The Arizal and Ba'al Shem Tov on Reincarnation
Powers of the Soul
 Directions and Sefirot
 Kabbalah at Age Forty
 Zohar Understanding
 Zohar Sections
 The Root of God's Will
 Why Publicize Kabbalah
 Kabbalah Affinity

 Meditation & Prayer
 Meditation on the Hebrew Letters
 Buddhism, Chakras and non-Jewish Sources

 Is Alternative Healing "Kosher?"
 Prayer at a Tzaddiks Grave
 Ratzo Vashov
 Jewish Meditation Terms
 Name Change and Prayer for the Ill

 Meditation and white light

 Torah Secrets
 Face and Mouth – Inside/Outside
 Torah Codes
 Lamb Symbolism and the Temple Service
Secrets of the Tribe of Levi
De-evolution of the Human – A Mystical View on Primates
Gal Einai Logo
 King Solomon's Wisdom
 Shabbat Beckoning
 Urrim V'Tummim

 Kabbalah and Health
 Medical Advice
 Dealing With Depression
Digestive System
 Strengthening the Immune System

 Mysteries of Torah Grammar
 Sus ("Horse") Igulim and Yosher

 Torah Guidance
 Love your Jewish Neighbor
Why Do We Suffer? Good and Evil, Choice and Effect
 Dealing with Bereavement

 Jazz Clarification
 Do Deceased Parents Continue to Care?
 Overcoming Fear

 Personal Advice
 Can a Homosexual Worship G-d?
 Proper Perspective on Mystical Experiences
 Should we move to Israel?
Mystical Experience and Providence
Alcohol Consumption

 Decision Making Trouble
 Gambling Aid

 Righteous Converts
 Lot's Daughters, Female Converts and World Rectification
 Conversion and Astrology
 Convert's Tribe Affiliation and Land Inheritance
 Converts Birthday

 Bnai Noach–Righteous Gentiles
 7 Noachide Law Enforcement
Study Guidance for "Righteous Gentiles"

 The Term "Righteous Convert"
 Bnai Noach Questions Composite

 Astrological Destiny for Jews and Non-Jews
The Jew and his Possessions
Does History Repeat Itself in Israeli Current Events?
Heavenly Portents

 Israel, Zion and Jewish Roots
 Ba'al Shem Tov on Jewish Exorcism
 Evil from the North
 Fire in Home
 Sci-Fi Movies
 Fingernail Inspection at Havdala
 The Origin of the Hebrew Letters

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