Is Repentance a Prerequisite to Redemption?

Q: What will we do if the Mashiach comes and many Jews are not yet keeping mitzvot? Will they still be able to elevate themselves?

A: When the Mashiach comes, G-d will heal and forgive us. Afterwards will be the stage of complete teshuva("return to God"). When Mashiach comes everyone, even tzaddikim ("the righteous"), will learn from him how to repent.

Q: What is the point to bringing Mashiach if it means no more mitzvot ("commandments") and no more reward? Are we not shooting ourselves in the foot? Should we instead be encouraging massive mitzvot, and hope that he does not come until we are fully ready?

A: When Mashiach comes, we will still fulfill mitzvot. Only when the Resurrection of the Dead occurs will themitzvot be null. One should certainly not hope that Mashiach does not come until we are all ready, God forbid. The Mashiach will make us ready for all following stages. One is never completely ready for the revelation of G-d’s  Eternal Light.

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