Hastening the Redemption through the Study of Kabbalah

QI was told that only through the study of the Zohar will the Mashiach manifest. What about good deeds and bringing Jews closer to Judaism?

A: Every mitzvah ("commandment") performed brings another mitzvah in its wake. Spreading Torah and mitzvot is our main task. This includes spreading the inner dimension of the Torah, Kabbalah and Chassidut. It is written that through the study and understanding  of the Zohar, which gives sustenance to the soul, Israel will be redeemed from the exile with mercy. The redemption will come in any case. However, redemption with mercy is contingent upon the study and dissemination of the inner dimension of the Torah. At the time that the above was written, the Zohar was the only source of the inner dimension of the Torah. Today, we are blessed with many authentic sources, including the final revelation, Chassidut, which was given specifically as sustenance for the soul.

Every Jew has within him a "spark" of Mashiach When one studies the inner dimension of the Torah, Chassidut, with the proper intentions, this redeems the hidden spark. The individual then feels that he must do all within his power to hasten the redemption for the good of all the world.

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