Q:  I have been suffering from agoraphobia for the past number of years. Does Kabbalah offer any advice which can help me to overcome this condition?


A: The study of Torah, especially Chassidut, brings peace and serenity to the soul. Listening to authentic Chassidic melodies is a particularly effective way to soothe anxiety.


Just like Nachshon at the parting of the Red Sea, you have to take the plunge, and trust in G-d that He will be there for you. Commit yourself to take a short walk outside, and stick to your decision no matter what. All the while, talk to G-d. Tell him that you are putting yourself in His loving hands, and that you trust Him to do with you whatever is best. Each day, venture a bit farther from your home, until you feel comfortable going long distances. G-d loves you, and He is with you everywhere that you go, whether in your home or very far away. Trust Him.


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