Why Publicize Kabbalah

Q:  am very curious about why you would publicize such a controversial topic as Kabbalah over the internet. Many people can misjudge it and use it in ways that would desecrate the Holy teachings.


A:  Ours is a generation of "Yafutsu ma'ayanotecha chutza," spreading the message of Chassidut to save lost souls. Only the power of Kabbalah and Chassidut can ignite the Divine spark within these souls.

The Alter Rebbe brings the beautiful parable of the king whose son was very ill. The doctors told him that the only medicine that would save his life would be to remove the most precious gem from the king's crown, to pulverize it and to feed it to the prince. Even though the gem was priceless, the king gladly removed it from his crown to heal his son. Thus, Kabbalah and Chassidut, G-d's precious and priceless gem, are essential to heal our generation.

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