Finding a Marriage Partner

Q: Can you please tell me, according to my name and the name of the person I am dating, if we would have a good marriage?

A: Any calculation of names is done only after the couple has decided to marry, and have given their word to that effect. After a couple has decided to marry, the numerical values of their names can be calculated to gain deeper insight into the bond between them, thus sweetening their relationship. Numerical calculations as a basis for decision about a relationship are irrelevant.

When considering a potential marriage partner, it is helpful to remember the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s advice that if both parties decide together to build their home according to Torah and Chassidut, and if there is a mutual inner "meeting of minds" , then the match is good.

If the person you are dating is a good person, and it seems that s/he will be a good wife/husband and parent, and if there is a basis for emotional attraction, it would be very worthwhile to continue and develop the relationship in the direction of marriage.

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