Dealing with Depression

Q: I am 25 years old and unmarried. I have recently been experiencing terrible thoughts, particularly when I see other people or children who seem happy. I was always a basically happy person. What can I do to return to my previous state?

A: What you are experiencing is most likely a result of the great sensitivity of your soul, which is thirsting for fulfillment. By your age, you should ideally have been religious, married and building a true Jewish home. Your negative feelings stem from the frustration felt by your soul, which does not feel that you are fulfilling your life's purpose.

It would be beneficial for you to pray and study chapter 25 in Psalms until your 25th birthday. After that proceed to chapter 26, which will be your chapter for the entire year. This is the custom of the Ba'al Shem Tov.

The performance of mitzvot ("commandments") with a full heart brings happiness to the soul. You can start by checking your mezuzot and keeping the laws of kashrut.

Listening to the Chassidic melodies on our website can also bring peace to the soul. See link to "Inner Audio" (above).

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