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Q: I am a member of the Bnai Noach I was looking at the dimensions of Noah's Ark being 300 cubits in length, 50 in breadth and 30 in width. I noticed that 300 is the Shin, 50 is the Nun and 30 is the Lamed. Can you give me any information on the significance of these numerical calculations for us as Bnai-Noach?

A: The ShinLamed and Nun which you refer to regarding Noah's ark also spell the root of Lashon, the Hebrew word for tongue or language. From this we learn that Bnai Noach should learn the laws of proper speech, which in Hebrew is called Shmirat Halashon. These laws include the prohibitions against slander and libel, and cover other important areas, as well. The Hebrew word for ark is taivah, which also translates as "word." It is important for Bnai Noach to learn the laws of words.

The famous Rabbi, the Chafetz Chaim, who lived just one generation ago, wrote a comprehensive book on this subject. This book should be available in English in any Jewish book store.

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