Dating a non-Jewish Woman

Q: I need some guidance from the Rabbi regarding a woman whom I have been dating. She is a G-d fearing woman and I am sure she will convert to Judaism, but it might take years. She is in my thoughts 24 hours a day. I need to know if I can speed her conversion or how or to leave her totally. But than I need spiritual healing in order to find my real soul mate. Thank you,

A: So long as this woman has not been converted it is not good to think about her.

You have to try to be practice "Walk simply with G-d" See Rashi's explanation on this verse in Deuteronomy 18:16. Also see the chapter on this verse in the Rabbi Ginsburgh's book "Sod Hashem" (page 150) 

Continue to meet other women and let Divine Providence work for you.

Wishing you true inner peace to find your soul mate.

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