Conversion and Astrology

Q: Will I be able to continue to practice astrology after my upcoming conversion?

A: In Genesis 15:5 G-d takes Abraham outside. Our Sages explain that G-d was telling Abraham to abandon his astrological practices. In order to become a Jew, Abraham had to forgo astrology.

Chassidut explains that there are three levels of rectification; submission, separation and sweetening. Conversion to Judaism first requires submission, which brings one to true separation and identity as a Jew. This will be followed by sweetening, when after the conversion, you will be able to learn Sefer Hayetzirah to learn the deep meaning of the months and their senses.

The word "astrology" should never be used, even when referring to the origin of the seemingly related concepts in Judaism, as taught in Sefer Hayetzirah.

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