Alcohol Consumption

Q: Is the consumption of beer allowed in the Torah? If it is, in which circumstances? I am asking because I have a friend who goes drinking with his six children. These children are still teenagers.

When I ask him why, he says G-d allows. Please I need your advice.

A: Drinking alcoholic beverages is positive only in very small commodities, for the sake of being able to open up and relate happily and lovingly to other individuals. The context of this in Jewish tradition is in a sacred meal or gathering, when a small amount of alcoholic beverage is consumed in order to open hearts. This helps one to relate lovingly to his brethren and to reveal to himself the inner dimensions or strata of his consciousness, so that he may learn to better serve G-d. If this is not the effect of the drinking, it is absolutely prohibited and negative. This is especially true for young people, for whom drinking is not recommended.

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