Should we move to Israel?

Q: I have been thinking about moving to Israel. I now realize that it is not enough simply to want to make a move. We are going to have to invest considerable self-sacrifice (mesiras nefesh) in the process to acquire the Land of Israel for ourselves. The practical details of supporting ourselves, the cost of moving,  and other mundane issues present the major obstacles. Please advise.

A: It is most worthwhile to come on some sort of pilot trip together with your wife. Then you can see and learn more in detail how in the near future you will be able to move to Israel (make aliyah) and settle and everything will work out. Our Sages teach us that the Land of Israel is one of the three things which are acquired through hardship (niknim b'yisurim). Everyone who comes to the Land of Israel requires a certain level of self-sacrifice. But G-d never makes it too hard for a person to achieve what he has to achieve. Even though there is self-sacrifice G-d sweetens it. With G-d's help that will also happen to you. The first stage is to come for a visit.

Wishing you a sweet and successful move (aliyah) in the very near future.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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