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Q: My father is very ill and is scheduled for surgery next week. Risks are associated with his heart output being only 2/3 of normal, and his diabetic and nutrition deficiency conditions. I am concerned with his ability to heal and his immune system.

Is surgery a proper step at this time?

A: The Lubavitcher Rebbe always said that in such cases one should consult with two or three experts who are not affiliated with one another so that each may express his opinion independently. Proceed according to their opinion. Obviously it is important to emphasize that when going to a doctor or for any medical treatment one has to have in mind that the reason he is doing so is to make a kli ("vessel"), as the Torah says. The healing itself comes solely from G-d–not from doctors or medication. Especially at these times it is important to strengthen one's faith and trust in G-d that all life comes purely from G-d.

With sincere blessings for a complete recovery

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